Kiera oops, I meant http://www.jewelkilche Thanks
Jeffree star why visit the JKF - so we can all be banned later?
Krista How can I get rare Jewel songs? I'm not computer smart.
shannon can anyone tell me where i can get old jewel videos.. like so i can download? for my ipod? fairly good quality is wanted.
Jule Krista visit
Jule http:/ / /~cmgroves/Jewel/Songs /songs.html
name Jewel has great tits!
JewelFan Anyone been to her concerts?
Shan fewh...finally... i'd seen a lot of improvement and new pictures.. nice work guys!! keep it real! I love it..
Shan the polling section seems not been updated for awhile....
Bob Cool Site Nice to see some new pics up. Thanks, keep 'em coming.
R*Philippines Thank You!!! Thank You!!! I've been using this site for my videos. Again THank YOU!!!
Lara Hey, love your much pics I have never seen! thanks!
batman we need more pics of jewel tits!

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