Rindert This website has now a shout box! shout it out when you have somthing to say!
Erik Great page! Really like the pictures
Derek I love this site! Can't wait until you get even more pics of Jewel!
Nicole Tthanks for this great site!
wilmer Greatest JEWEL site in the whole wide web!!!I LOVE YOU JEWEL!
Michael this is by far the best fansite for Jewel imagery, keep up the good work!
Rindert I'm sorry, my i-net connection is not suitable for uloading right now.
Roy C. Torno Jewel is definitely the GREATEST FEMALE ARTIST OF ALL TIME. Fans from The PHILIPPINES are waiting for a chance to see her perform live. This site is one of the best Jewels' site.
brittany they don;t really have very pictures of her!!!!!
TED Jewel 2005? When is she touring again, I heard her new and last album will be coming out in February? Anyone?
Venla Her upcoming album isn't her last, although it appears to be her last with Atlantic Records.
Rindert I'm currently working on a huge update of the site. Not only for pictures, but lots more...
Derek Can't wait for the big update. Really looking forward to more Jewel.
Venla Jeweljk.com is finally back in business. They don't have any new pictures, though.
malu muito legal o site
Pirjo Jeweljk.com is on. Jewel Un-edited is back with a videoclip of Jewel singing 'Alice in Wonderland' and an audioclip for Studies in Love. Sounds Great!! Check it out.
ingrid tjokro Thank you, for this beautiful site, I love Jewel
Derek The site looks great. Maybe the best Jewel site on the web.
sebastian jewel walk in my arms
fahlula join the FREE JEWEL FORUM
fahlula Excellent site Rindert!!!!!!
Rindert I've updated the discography!
Jess hi
Jess this site sucks
Jess jokes
Venla Some new, fresh pictures would be nice... Thanks once again for a great site.
pippaminni GREAT SITE!!!
pippaminni awesome
Venla Anyone have any Jewel-avatars?
Mr.CC Visit the World Jewel Forum at http:/ /www.JewelForum.com
Venla An occasional update would be nice, don't you think?
michaelsjewel is this website done for or something?
MichaelsJewel visit the new "Café Jewel"
andy its such a pity this website hasnt updated in ages...it was truly one of the best and one that i actually bookmarked!
Ine Hij is vetjuhs hoor Rin
karina hey this website rocks
Kiera What a jam packed website. It's great!! Please visit mine wwwljewelkilcherforum. com
Kiera oops, I meant http://www.jewelkilche rforum.com. Thanks
Jeffree star why visit the JKF - so we can all be banned later?
Krista How can I get rare Jewel songs? I'm not computer smart.
shannon can anyone tell me where i can get old jewel videos.. like so i can download? for my ipod? fairly good quality is wanted.
Jule Krista visit
Jule http:/ /easyweb.easynet.co.uk /~cmgroves/Jewel/Songs /songs.html
name Jewel has great tits!
JewelFan Anyone been to her concerts?
Shan fewh...finally... i'd seen a lot of improvement and new pictures.. nice work guys!! keep it real! I love it..
Shan the polling section seems not been updated for awhile....
Bob Cool Site Nice to see some new pics up. Thanks, keep 'em coming.
R*Philippines Thank You!!! Thank You!!! I've been using this site for my videos. Again THank YOU!!!
Lara Hey, love your site...so much pics I have never seen! thanks!
batman we need more pics of jewel tits!

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